Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Firefox As expected, quite a few people commented on my last entry, telling me I should add Firefox to the list. Here's one of the reasons I'm not a full convert yet (screenshot taken when I just tried to start Firefox on my desktop, which does have Firefox installed) I love Firefox's tabbed browsing and better CSS support, which is why... (205 words, 29 Comments)

New Laptop Just in time for JavaOne, I got me a new Thinkpad R50 laptop (specs here, but with 512Mb). At 6.8lbs it's a bit heavier than the T41 I initially considered, but the $200+ price difference just didn't seem worth it for what (weight aside) is effectively the same machine... It's a pretty sweet little machine: very good battery life, a... (302 words, 27 Comments)