Friday, June 18, 2004

More problems with Firefox There's another problem with Firefox 0.9. If you have it set as your default browser and enter a URL in the "Run..." dialog in the start-menu, you should see something like this: Unfortunately, this one affects SharpReader as well because it opens URLs in the default browser using the same mechanism and therefore also reports an error. There's a thread... (144 words, 33 Comments)

CMM Level 5 Job Opening? No thanks My SharpReader email address just received spam from about job-openings with a CMM Level 5 certified company. Even if I wasn't perfectly happy at my current job, there'd be no way I would go for something like that. First of all, I'm not about to reward a spammer with anything other than spam in return (hence his email in... (130 words, 4 Comments)