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I've been running with Jay Allen's solution to comment-spam for a while not and it works like a charm. There were a few minor downsides to his solution, one of which was that it was somewhat involved to setup, forcing you to manually edit a number of Movable Type templates for it to work.. This manual effort was more than worth it though, especially with comment-spam going from bad to worse lately.

Well Jay fixed this minor problem and added a sleuth of other enhancements with the release of MT-Blacklist earlier tonight. All it takes is 3 files to copy to your server and you're protected against hundreds of known comment spammers and can easily add more when necessary.

Some of the enhancements are that it now comes with it's own interface to maintain the url blacklist, it actually blocks blacklisted comments instead of merely hiding them, and it can automatically publish your blacklist to ease sharing blacklists between weblogs.

If you're running a MT based weblog and have experienced comment-spam, this is the must-have plugin you need to install. Get it now!

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Posted by Paul at October 14, 2003 10:13 AM

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