Tuesday, April 8, 2003

SharpReader in Japanese I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this works, but this screenshot of SharpReader in Japanese is still pretty damn cool. Now if only I could figure out what it says... [via Stuart Woodward] Stuart also mentions that the filter suffers from mojibake - I'll have to fix that in the next release...... (54 words, 11 Comments)

I guess DiveIntoSharpReader is out... Mark prefers Syndirella over SharpReader: FWIW, I’ve tried both and like Syndirella better. Its interface seemed better designed, and it was simple to add new feeds. SharpReader apparently can only import a feed list from an OPML file; if there’s a "subscribe to new feed" option, I sure can’t find it. (Update: Paul found it by reading the manual. Rule... (379 words, 16 Comments)