SharpReader in Japanese

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this works, but this screenshot of SharpReader in Japanese is still pretty damn cool. Now if only I could figure out what it says... [via Stuart Woodward]

Stuart also mentions that the filter suffers from mojibake - I'll have to fix that in the next release...

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Trackback from Samer Ibrahim's Blog at April 9, 2003 12:53 AM

It says, "All your base are belong to us." ;-)

Posted by Dale Emery at April 9, 2003 1:55 AM

I love SharpReader! My buggy NewsDesk is going bye-bye. :)

Posted by Dale at April 9, 2003 2:10 AM

I am using SharpReader for Japanese.

From Tools - Options - Change Font,
select Japanese font,it looks great.

Recently I use Feedreader but I switched to ShrapReader.Thank you for your great program.

Posted by kengo at April 9, 2003 9:32 PM

Kengo - Is the filter input area font OK for you?

Posted by Stuart Woodward at April 9, 2003 10:40 PM

>Stuart Woodward

I am using MSP gothic.

Filter Input area font viewd with good Japanese font.And filtered by Japanese is worked.

It is very useful.

Posted by kengo at April 10, 2003 12:23 AM

SharpReader in Japanese
public virtual MemoryStream: April 08, 2003 Archives 日本語も文字コードに関わらずちゃんと表示されます。...

Trackback from Netry Blog at April 10, 2003 1:17 AM

Actually SharpReader DOES work well in three different charsets: UTF-8, Shift-JIS, and EUC-JP. Here is a screenshot in which filter functionality is used for three blogs, each of which is in UTF-8, Shift-JIS, or EUC-JP, which provide RSS 2.0 meta data file.


Posted by nob seki at April 10, 2003 5:12 AM

Full newsfeed (or RDF/RSS)
Thanks to Joi, I set up the meta data file for syndication using RSS 2.0. I will make some modification since MovableType doesn't seem to output appropriate date format when the locale is Japanese......

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