Monday, April 7, 2003

Comments RSS Feed I've created a comments RSS feed for my weblog. I looked into SimpleComments to get it integrated with trackbacks, but that plugin seems to only work within the context of an entry. If anybody has any suggestions on how to integrate trackbacks, please let me know. If I cannot get it integrated I may just have to create yet another... (63 words, 5 Comments)

I need a comments feed or better yet, a combined trackback/comments feed. With all the comments and trackbacks I've received for SharpReader, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what I have and have not read yet. Using a comments rss-feed I would be able to use SharpReader itself for this task... and if I setup the description to have a link to the... (73 words, 3 Comments)

SharpReader support Harry Pierson writes: I see Luke has resurfaced after going dark for 24 hours straight. I wonder if he was handling feature requests? I apologize in advance to anybody who expects me to work 24x7 churning out new features and bugfixes for SharpReader because it's just not going to happen. I actually have a full-time job, a wife, two kids,... (144 words, 3 Comments)

Dmitry Jemerov to quit Syndirella? Dmitry Jemerov writes: I'm really, really tempted to give up Syndirella development. And this is one of the reasons why. SharpReader today has just about everything that I wanted to implement in Syndirella in the next 2-3 months. So, instead of spending time creating Yet Another implementation, I'd rather continue the development of Structorian or a C++/SDL client for DungeonLab.... (118 words, 1 Comments)

Open links in external browser other than IE A few people have mentioned that the "open links in external browser" functionality always uses Internet Explorer (even if this is not your default browser). I would assume this does not happen when you double-click an item as I simply call System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(url) to open the link. If even a double-click still uses IE, please let me know. As far as... (127 words, 11 Comments)

SharpReader on Windows 9x SharpReader (like me) doesn't seem to like Windows 98 or Windows ME. This is going to be hard to fix as I don't have access to a Win98 or WinME system anymore. I upgraded my home system from Windows ME to Windows XP over a year ago and have not looked back since... Does anybody know if there are known... (144 words, 6 Comments)

wow... I'm a bit overwhelmed by the response I got on SharpReader... I posted it about 24 hours ago, and already have 17 comments, 24 trackbacks and 17 emails. SharpReader's threading functionality works like a charm to show all the responses in the feeds I'm reading, and for those I do not subscribe to, feedster reports 47 hits when searching for... (167 words, 11 Comments)