Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My JavaOne Schedule for today 9:45-10:45 Lucene in Action 11:00-12:00 XQuery API for Java Technology (Esplanade 307/3) 12:15-1:15 Observability Architecture in J2SETM Platform Release 1.5 (gateway 102/103) 1:30-2:30 Still more programming puzzlers (Gateway 102/103) 2:45-3:45 Expert Panel on Agile Java Technology-based Development 4:00-5:00 the Groovy Programming Language... (42 words, 5 Comments)

JavaOne Blogger Meetup Last night's blogger meetup was a blast. It was great to actually meet the people behind the blogs. I talked to Tim Bray, Simon Phipps, MaryMary, Cedric, Cameron, Mike, Charles, Matt, Russel Beattie (which is pronounced Bee-Ah-Tee, not Bee-tee) and many others. Unfortunately I missed out on Hani (who I would've loved to introduce to Russel :-) and EricGu (who... (164 words)

JavaOne, day one Note to self: next time, when taking a camera to a conference (or anywhere for that matter) make sure it's fully charged before you leave - oh well, as least I did manage to get this cool shot of the Java on the Longhorn Beta, using a swing Longhorn Look & Feel. The first "session" I attended yesterday was... (465 words)