JavaOne Blogger Meetup

Last night's blogger meetup was a blast. It was great to actually meet the people behind the blogs. I talked to Tim Bray, Simon Phipps, MaryMary, Cedric, Cameron, Mike, Charles, Matt, Russel Beattie (which is pronounced Bee-Ah-Tee, not Bee-tee) and many others. Unfortunately I missed out on Hani (who I would've loved to introduce to Russel :-) and EricGu (who may have been chased out of there before I showed up on account of being from the so-called "dark" side). Even a new kid on the blog: Jonathan Schwartz was there, though I did not get a chance to talk to him. Interesting to see some someone like him start a blog; I hope he'll actually be able to put some personal opinions in there and not just use it as a marketing tool. Who knows: maybe Joshua Bloch will start a blog soon too (the Bloch Blog?); now THAT would be one to subscribe to.