Thursday, January 29, 2004

IDEA#.NET is coming... This was posted on the forums today: EAP of VS.NET plugin is planned for February 10. -- Valentin Kipiatkov Chief Scientist, Vice President of Product Development JetBrains, Inc "Develop with pleasure!" I hate to hype this up too much as the first early access release is bound to have its share of bugs, but I am really looking... (286 words, 12 Comments)

Sunday, January 25, 2004

One year ago yesterday... I posted my first entry of this (then radio powered) weblog: Ok so I tried this blogging thing before about half a year ago, but did not get any further than post #1. Hopefully I'll do better this time. I guess I did... Even though I only used radio for a one month trial before switching this blog to movable... (84 words, 3 Comments)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

JBuilder, Eclipse or IDEA? No contest... A few days ago, I asked people about their experiences with JBuilder X and IntelliJ IDEA. I've since spent some time with JBuilder X Foundation and also gave Eclipse another try based on some of the comments I received on that post. Your mileage may vary, but my experiences were: JBuilder X has come a long way since JBuilder 6,... (344 words, 8 Comments)

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

On keyboard shortcut consistency, or lack thereof I just finished typing a lengthy weblog entry... did a final review prior to posting it and noticed a word out of place... so I went to edit, placed the cursor on the word in question, selected it with Ctrl-W, and... hey where did my browser go? In both VS.NET and IntelliJ IDEA, Ctrl-W selects the word under the cursor,... (268 words, 17 Comments)

TheServerSide.WHAT? I guess I could've seen this coming after they worked with Microsoft for several .NET vs J2EE petstore performance tests, but it still took me by surprise now that it happened: The Middleware company announced the launch of TheServerSide.NET: "Your Enterprise .NET Community". I'm sure some Java stalwarts would consider this blasphemy and treason, but get over it: Java and... (124 words, 2 Comments)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

PC World Best of the Web: SharpReader PC World recently published their Best of the Web and picked SharpReader as their aggregator of choice. Other mentions in the Blog Sites & Aggregator Tools category are feedster (well deservedly so) and memigo, which I had personally never heard of before. It claims to be an intelligent news agent that presents you with stories from around the web based... (85 words, 22 Comments)

Friday, January 9, 2004

.Text or dasBlog? Considering the helpful responses I got on my JB vs IDEA post, let me throw another one out there... I'm going to setup an internal weblog here at my new job and need to decide on which tool to use. Since this will be hosted on IIS, using one of the .NET weblogging tools would make the most sense. dasBlog... (218 words, 11 Comments)

JBuilder X or IntelliJ IDEA? Until a couple years ago, I was an avid JBuilder fan. I fell in love with it when they first released their all-Java version (version 3.5 it was, I believe) and used it extensively until 6.0. This is when I was introduced to IntelliJ IDEA and discovered all that I had been missing until then. IDEA was similar enough to... (220 words, 23 Comments)

Monday, January 5, 2004

Request For Comments: Synchronization of Information Aggregators using Markup (SIAM) Dare, Brent, Kevin, myself and others have been discussing a standard to exchange subscriptions and item-states between aggregators. A standard like this would not only allow you to for instance sync up different SharpReader instances on different PCs (say one at work and the other at home), but would also work across aggregators so you'd even be able to for... (95 words)

Duplicate posts in .Text blogs For anyone that noticed a lot of duplicate posts recently in .Text weblogs, this is not a SharpReader bug, but rather a result of some changes in the rss generated by .Text in a recent version. These changes are: <guid>, which went from http://{site}/{blogname}/posts/{post-number}.aspx to http://{site}/{blogname}/archive/{year}/{month}/{day}/{post-number}.aspx <link>, which was changed in the same way. <description>, which now adds an invisible... (245 words)