New version of SharpReader coming soon...

And it will be .NET 1.1 only, so if you only have 1.0 installed, you may want to visit and get the latest version of the .NET framework.

Why am I doing this?

  • I previously ran into some .NET bugs when using the 1.0 framework that seem to be resolved in 1.1. I'm sure there are a lot more bugs that were fixed in 1.1 and I'd rather not have to fight them either in the future.
  • Thanks to the generosity of certain individuals at Microsoft, I recently received a copy of VS.NET 2003. Although I think you can configure a project in VS.NET 2003 to target .NET 1.0 (or even target both 1.0 and 1.1), I would prefer not to be constrained by the 1.0 APIs.
  • The 1.1 framework is a free download and its code-base is stable, so the only user "cost" is some download time and disk space.
  • It is possible to have both .NET 1.0 and 1.1 installed on the same system for those users that still need to keep 1.0 installed for some reason.
If I missed any major downsides to upgrading to 1.1, please let me know.

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Dear Luke!

I, and most probably many others, have one request to you to include one change if you update the program:
Please change the logic of the proxy server setting so that if you select 'take settings from IE' to take them ALAWYS from IE.

I am moving with my noteboook between 3 networks with different proxy settings and IE recognizes the changes but #reader need to be changed manually.
Because you cannot be that quick to change the settings before #reader starts to search for updates, you always get errors and have to change settings by hand and refresh again.

Thanks in advance,
A daily #reader user, Franz

Posted by Franz Scherz at October 26, 2003 3:38 AM

Hi Luke,

I came across a firewall recently that rejects HTTP Requests whose "UserAgent" header did not contain the substring "Mozilla/4.0".
As a result I can't use SharpReader.

Any enhancement you could make to get around this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Martin Naughton at October 26, 2003 7:51 AM

Ehm, any plans for reducing it's memory footprint?, I'm having lots of feeds (to much I guess), all the files in the cache folder is now 85Megs, no problem with that, but sharpreader uses about 500+MB of memory..., I have 1GB memory in my computer so I have some, but it would be nice if I could use that memory for other stuff also :)

Posted by AsbjornM at October 26, 2003 9:11 AM

I'm with Asbjorn... The memory footprint is very high. My only other request is to stop displaying websites inline within Sharpreader when there isn't anything in the 'description' field. (Example feed.) Thanks, Luke.

Posted by Andy Baio at October 26, 2003 12:39 PM

Hopefully this will resolve the problems I have at home, where sharpreader completely refuses to load feeds saying that no connection is available or something similar... I have been using syndirella ever since, and it's a real PITA.

Posted by Davide Baroncelli at October 26, 2003 2:46 PM

Dear Luke,

Thanks for SharpReader -- I really love its simple and elegant design.

Particularly great for me is the ability to view all contained items in a folder
simply by selecting a folder. This was a real eye-opener for me. It's had
an effect on how I choose to organize/group my feeds.

The cross-referencing of items is much appreciated too. I subscribe to feeds
w/ only comments, which when taken together w/ feeds w/ the corresponding
entries in SharpReader, make for significantly easier reading experience.

I also love the reuse of the folders and feeds for filtering results.

I currently use the filtering functionality to help me catch up on my backlog --
it's really changed the way I use an aggregator. The following additions would help
me even more:

1) Sort by unread and/or ability to display only unread items

2) Be able to filter at more fine-grained age (e.g. specify from some time to
some other time)

Another nice feature would be to be able to view only those items retrieved in
the last refresh. I think an appropriate combination of 1), 2), and selecting the
"Subscribed Feeds" folder could accomplish a similar effect -- sort of simulating
a "most recent items" folder.

Being able to save and reuse our own filter settings might be nice too -- but
perhaps this might lead to needless complexity.

On another note, I've started using "private" feeds (SSL + Basic/Digest
authentication) recently and would appreciate being able to access them through
SharpReader -- I know the SSL part works but I haven't succeeded in getting the
password authentication to function. It'd be great to have this support -- and
better still if the username/password information can just be reused from IE.

I'd also like to be able to export the currently selected folder -- so I can
easily share a set of feeds w/ associates. I currently export my subscriptions
and use an editor to manually create a 'subsetted' OPML file.

Anyway, thanks again for this terrific piece of software, and I'm looking
forward to the update.

SharpReader Appreciator

Posted by SharpReader Appreciator at October 26, 2003 10:08 PM

SharpReader Display Issue...
SharpReader display issue? Luke! you don't use standard windows font colors for all yours texts. Using an iTunes WindowsXP theme, I cant see the address text. Click the below image for a larger version of the screenshot. Maybe this could be fixed in th...

Trackback from marke.weblog at October 26, 2003 11:11 PM

SharpReader Display Issue...
SharpReader display issue? Luke! you don't use standard windows font colors for all yours texts. Using an iTunes WindowsXP theme, I cant see the address text. Click the below image for a larger version of the screenshot. Maybe this could be fixed in th...

Trackback from marke.weblog at October 26, 2003 11:18 PM

First things first : SharpReader is great !

That said, I can move on to my request. I would like SR to have the "internet based feed list" feature as in the latest build of RSS Bandit. Dare posted about this on his blog. Basically it's a way to store a feed list somewhere on the internet so that multiple clients can use the same list (that would be your work box, home box and laptop for example). I think he also said it should mark entries that have already been read so that one does not read it twice but I don't know if it is already done.

Anyway : great job !


Posted by Julien Adam at October 27, 2003 4:34 AM

There's an annoying bug with SharpReader : if you modify columns widths ("Title", "Date", "Subject"), this modification is lost when you minimize the window.

I also wish it could support authentication as a previous user wrote.

Anyway, this is a great app, definitely the best news aggregator I've ever used.

Posted by Olivier at October 27, 2003 8:32 AM

Are there any plans for supporting in the RSS spec? RssBandit, for example, let's you expand an item entry and read the comments... this would be a nice feature. Also, as I'm sure many others have mentioned previously, it would be nice if you opened up the code for all to see/use/extend... :-)

Posted by Scott Mitchell at October 27, 2003 2:40 PM

I get regular triple exceptions generated with this feed.
It's for New Scientist.

SR v0.9.2.1 .NET CLR 1.0.3705.288


Posted by Dave Brookes at October 28, 2003 6:43 AM

My major issue (and why I moved on to another reader) is that there appears to be no way to move specific entries that I saved/locked in the feeds from one computer to another. Therefore, when I needed to reinstall an OS or move to a new laptop, I lost all of the interesting technical entries I wanted to save.

Either an explanation as to where it stores the data or an import/export would be appreciated.

Posted by Andy B at October 28, 2003 11:16 AM

As a non-techie I feel a little nervous making a suggestion in case it's so obvious why it can't be done but here goes.

Would it be possible to track comments on individual blogs that have been retained in the viewing window? Frequently I can see a debate developing that I would like to monitor but at present the only way of seeing what's changed is to open up the link and see, which is rather time consuming. Something simple like "x comments" in brackets after the title would suffice.

Also there seem to be times when you delete items in the window but when you next refresh they're still there, but I haven't noticed anything systematic about this issue yet.

Otherwise, I would like to join the others in singing your praises and urge you to keep up the good work.


Posted by James Haddock at October 31, 2003 4:21 AM

Please, oh Please add the ability to sync betweent multiple computers. Not only the feed list, but the read,unread, and locked items.

Thank you

Posted by Jason Benway at October 31, 2003 11:39 AM

SharpReader is very nice! Thanks for writing it. I'd love to see one little tweak to the UI, though: I use the space bar to page through unread items, but since some of my feeds get updated more often than others, there are sometimes unread items both above and below the current selection. It would be great if the space bar would wrap around to the top of the list if you reach the bottom and there are still unread items.

Posted by Steven Grimm at October 31, 2003 12:31 PM

SharpReader Display Issue...
SharpReader display issue? Luke! you don't use standard windows font colors for all yours texts. Using an iTunes WindowsXP theme, I cant see the address text. Click the below image for a larger version of the screenshot. Maybe this could be fixed in th...

Trackback from marke.weblog at November 2, 2003 10:20 AM


Please be sure to keep the old version that uses .NET 1.0 around for download. Some people are at work and are locked into .NET 1.0 because the IT department is slow moving on approving upgrades on workstations.



Posted by Craig at November 3, 2003 9:57 AM

Hey Luke,
I've been using Sharpreader for approx one month and love what you have developed. I have two feature requests:
1) Could you enhance "Open in new Window" so that it works like IE? For example, I would actually like a new window opened on each click of this option, rather than loading the page in the ie with the top Z-Order. I keep losing my pages!
2) Add a "back" option to the interface. Storing the last 5 or so folders or rss feed links should be sufficient.

Great work!

Posted by Darren Keene at November 4, 2003 6:17 PM

One thing before I comment. Darren, in IE go to the tools menu, and click Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the R section and UNcheck "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts." Most retarded default setting I've ever seen. Luckily, I've seen it's fixed in Longhorn.

OK, I just emailed you Luke, but thought I'd mention it here, too. Whenever I've got a folder selected to read just the recent posts in that folder only, "reading" them doesn't change their "read" status when I switch to the individual feeds themselves.

Also, along with being able to import/export... I haven't tried, but just noticed the need for multiple users. Because I don't know if this is supported, I just copied the thing to my mom's My documents folder, so if I put it on that computer for ME I won't see her stuff and she won't see mine.

Posted by Robert Sharp at November 4, 2003 10:39 PM

SharpReader is a very nice piece of software, and slips through firewalls much better than any similar software i've tried.
I can't compliment it enough really. It's very robust - and there are few compliments about software that are as hard to earn as robustness!

Three feature requests for SharpReader, just little things, but good for power browsing:

1. this is a feature from the tabbed-browser I use (Crazy Browser).
* Middle Click to 'Open in new window'. This is less clunky than the traditional right click to bring up context menu, then select 'Open in new window' from said context menu.

2. If you right click in the item list you have an option to open in separate window. I'd like this to be split into two options. They both open in a separate window, but:
in one case you open in a separate window and shift focus to that window
in the other case you open in a separate window and keep the focus on sharp reader.

3. Ability to select multiple items, right click and choose 'mark as read'.

Posted by Leon at November 5, 2003 8:09 PM

Hi Luke,
ShareReader is great. Eagerly awaiting the next version for 1.1 of the framework. A couple of features i would like to see in #Reader
1. #Reader to remember the collapsed groups, or start with all groups collapsed.
2. Selecting a group or a feed, not only displays the list of items but shows a composite page of all the items in the feed (like NewsDesk)
3. Also the NewsDesk color scheme is appealing :P

Posted by Tarz at November 5, 2003 10:43 PM

Leon: I'll consider (1), most likely won't do (2), and (3) will be in the upcoming release.

Tarz: (1) is already on my todo list, (2) sounds useful - I'll add this to the list. (3) - you mean that sandy yellow background color? YUK! if you really want this, go to your windows display options and change the default window background; this will change the SharpReader backgrounds as well.

Posted by Luke Hutteman at November 6, 2003 1:12 AM
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