Thursday, April 17, 2003

BlogThisUrl SharpReader plugin I created a sample plugin that will open a URL in an external browser using the information that is passed to the plugin. It comes with a template that posts to Movable Type (based on the MT bookmarklet). The template-file contains a URL with special <$XPATH$> tags that will be replaced with the appropriate contents. You will need to edit... (114 words, 17 Comments)

SharpReader SharpReader has been released. This version has the following changes: Added a "File | Open" menu-item. Added a "File | Subscribe" menu-item. Mark updated items in italics. Added a label before the address text box; ALT-D selects address text box. Fixed KeepAlive bug that sometimes kept connections open too long. Fixed bug in proxy authentication. Better retry-mechanism for failed... (231 words, 58 Comments)