Creating categorized RSS feeds using Movable Type

I love Movable Type's customization features. I just used this to auto-generate RSS feeds per category, and link to these feeds from the main page. I previously had one custom RSS template for, but this is a much better solution.

How did I do it?

  • Go to your RSS template and copy its contents to the clipboard.
  • Go back to the templates page and click "create new archive template".
  • Give it some meaningful name and paste the RSS template into the template body.
  • Now go to "weblog config | archiving" and press "add new".
  • Select an archive type of category and pick your new template.
  • Set the name of the archive to rss_<$MTArchiveCategory dirify="1"$>.xml or something similar.
  • Now in your main index template, find the MTArchiveList tag, and add a link to rss_<$MTArchiveTitle dirify="1"$>.xml inside it.
  • (see update below)
  • et voilà - you've got RSS feeds per category!

UPDATE: I forgot that the default template does not have an archive-list. So don't do anything to the existing MTArchiveList tag in your main template, but instead add this block somewhere in there:

<div class="sidetitle">
<div class="side">
<MTArchiveList archive_type="Category">
<a href="rss_<$MTArchiveTitle dirify="1"$>.xml">[xml]</a>
<a href="cat_<$MTArchiveTitle dirify="1"$>.html"><MTArchiveTitle></a><br />
oh and my regular category archive is setup as cat_<$MTArchiveCategory dirify="1"$>.html in "weblog config | archiving".

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hi luke,

first of all thanks for you clear discription, but i am getting the wrong url to a generated xml and html files.
the program saves it into my blog directory and not in archives one. any ideas?

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