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Sam Gentile writes:

I have come to the viewpoint that if you don't have an RSS feed, you shouldn't have a blog. Maybe thats harsh and there is a whole another model but I can't spend the time to surf a 150 sites a day. If its not on an RSS feed, I won't see your site or read it, and you know what? Most other people won't see it or read it either
I'm not sure if I would quite take it to that extreme, but I am definitely one of those people that won't read your blog if it doesn't have a feed. And feeds that don't contain the entire post content aren't much better in my view.

But if anyone wants to blog without an RSS feed... more power to them - just don't expect too many readers.

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Personally, I like for people to see the design of my site occasionally. So, a click through is not a bad thing. Your point is well taken, though.

Posted by Les Stroud at March 6, 2003 1:48 PM

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Perhaps you misunderstood how feeds work for people like me. They are mainly about 'What new on my dozens of feeds.' If I find one article interested by it's headline and short description, I jump to that page and do see the layout. Sometimes it is better not to see it, but in your case it's a nice one ;o)


Posted by Neezee at May 11, 2003 1:51 PM
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