Sunday, January 26, 2003

Radio Userland cannot subscribe to the EFF's RSS feeds Radio Userland cannot subscribe to the EFF's RSS feeds (via Bill Kearney). It turns out that the <language> tag was missing on the EFF's various XML feeds, and Radio flagged this as an error. Dave Winer correctly stated that this is a required element of RSS 0.91, and therefore the feed is invalid and should not be accepted. I would expect... (208 words)

News that comes to you: SharpReader News that comes to you is a good introduction to RSS Aggregators. The aggregators I have personally used are Amphetadesk, FeedReader, Radio Userland and SharpReader. Ampetadesk was the first aggregator I used, but I did not like it's web interface, which is why I switched to FeedReader. I really liked FeedReader's 3 pane Outlook-like UI, but found the product too... (359 words, 1 Comments)

Friday, January 24, 2003

First post - take 2 Ok so I tried this blogging thing before about half a year ago, but did not get any further than post #1. Hopefully I'll do better this time.... (28 words)