Radio Userland cannot subscribe to the EFF's RSS feeds

Radio Userland cannot subscribe to the EFF's RSS feeds (via Bill Kearney). It turns out that the <language> tag was missing on the EFF's various XML feeds, and Radio flagged this as an error. Dave Winer correctly stated that this is a required element of RSS 0.91, and therefore the feed is invalid and should not be accepted. I would expect most aggregators (including SharpReader) to take a more pragmatic approach and accept feeds that are "valid enough" to be parsed as RSS.

Mark Pilgrim takes it even a step further and thinks aggregators should parse RSS at all costs; not only accepting feeds that deviate from the RSS DTD, but even attempting to parse feeds that aren't even correct XML. I'm with Mark on this one - there are simply too many feeds out there that at one time or another include illegal characters, unescaped ampersands, or have some other kind of problem. And if a feed like this keeps 2 weeks of articles in their rss feed, that means that for 2 weeks, the feed will be unable to be parsed. An RSS Aggregator that can still show these feeds has a definative edge over the competition.

Note to self: implement this in SharpReader.