SharpReader turns One

Wow, has it been a whole year already? Time sure flies when you're having fun... and how can you not have fun when, in the process of teaching yourself a new language, you create an application that becomes such an unexpected success?

SharpReader was downloaded over 5,000 times in the first month and along with RSS's growing popularity, SharpReader's downloads also have grown over the last year. Total downloads over the first year (according to my webalizer reports) were over 150,000.

As RSS and Atom are entering the mainstream, their popularity is bound to increase quite a bit more this year. At the same time, the aggregator market is also becoming rather crowded lately to say the least. Guess I'll have to wait and see what the graph will look like next year...

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Only a year? I would have scratched my head, tried for context, and guessed a couple. Thanks for the lovely program, and happy anniversary!

Posted by Phil Ringnalda at April 6, 2004 1:22 AM

150000 x $19.99 = a lot of money. Think about it :-)

Posted by Anonymous at April 6, 2004 1:24 AM

Wups, wrong equation. 150000/n x $19.99 where n depends on the nature of the trial version and the number of other aggregators around and their price. Combine that with the very different nature of users and customers, and while I think Luke deserves to be rewarded for SharpReader, I also think he's made the right decision to give it away.

Posted by Phil Ringnalda at April 6, 2004 1:28 AM

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Posted by Koen at April 6, 2004 2:50 AM

Congratulations on your first year with SharpReader. You've managed to produce what I consider the best reader available today. I hope the next year brings you more downloads and you bring us an even better product. Thanks for all your hard work on the SharpReader project.

Posted by Ryan Gregg at April 6, 2004 8:31 AM

SharpReader turns One
ShapReader was introduced to me by junsu@ and I liked it very much. Today, it turns one (The first release was released last year), let bless it :-)...

Trackback from delphij's Chaos at April 6, 2004 10:06 AM

Web states??

Trackback from Jeff Giesbrecht at April 6, 2004 10:16 AM

Happy birthday, SharpReader! You rock!

Posted by Robert Lowe at April 6, 2004 10:52 AM

Have been using SharpReader for about a month and I love it. Great software. Keep up the good work Luke.

Posted by GregC at April 6, 2004 11:42 AM

Congratulations. Have you looked into porting it to Gtk# and Mono? I'd like to switch to Linux sometime in the future but only if I can take my SharpReader with me :)

Posted by Rob Speicher at April 6, 2004 12:01 PM

Congratulation! SharpReader is the best RSS reader for me!

Posted by Nat Luengnaruemitchai at April 6, 2004 8:08 PM

Hey Luke and all the Sharpreader fans out there. Happy Birthday, you is one now!
Yes, I agree with all the 'Sharpreader is the best aggregator' people. Keep up the excellent job and thankyou once again for a very simple but powerful feed reader.

Posted by Brad Griffin at April 6, 2004 10:07 PM

Congratulations Luke. It's a great tool that's even free.

Posted by Richard at April 7, 2004 7:33 AM

Luke, Congrats. Great product. I really love using it (but have you considered adding a "back" button like in a browser? I'm always loosing the last place I viewed if I start following links.)

Posted by Mike Schinkel at April 8, 2004 1:17 AM

I just love SharpReader and the access to information that it gives me. The only thing it lacks is the ability to open it up at home and have SharpReader "know" all of the articles in feeds that I read at work today so I don't have to wade through all them again as if I had never seen them before. Currently, I only use SharpReader at work because it is simply to much of a pain to have to sort through everything I've already read once I get home.

Beyond that, I think your program is a gem. Keep up the great work.

Posted by Brian Beck at April 8, 2004 12:39 PM

Great reader. Happy birthday! feature request - Can you somehow make the IE instance that runs in the bottom pane block popups?

Posted by prosho at April 9, 2004 11:47 AM

SharpReader turns One
I can think of no program that has changed my Internet habit's more than SharpReader. I'm no longer using a web browser and in fact, if a site doesn't have a RSS feed, I'm not reading it. Congratulations Luke!...

Trackback from at April 10, 2004 1:37 PM

Again - congratulations Luke on producing what I see as the most powerful blog reader available.

It would be great if you could add the ability to flag an item - I read the items offline and would like to flag specific ones the download some code / post a reply / etc.

Anyother idea which you might like to toy with (although is probably a rather major task) is synchornizing with a smartphone version. I don't want to set up subscriptions on my phone, but would like to be able to seamlessly switch between my laptop and my O2Xphone.


Posted by Tatham Oddie at April 12, 2004 3:20 AM

Cool reader, grate work...

Yes some additions like a Back button and favorites and get multiple RSS from single page and group it if it from same domain, and check for duplicate entry etc... I believe will add much more to it where you can think of lite and professional version and I dont think anybody mind paying a small sum for the features. Add a option poll on this and see is it worth spending time on big developments 

Posted by Sunil at April 12, 2004 9:18 AM

04・04・13 RSSリーダーの利用急増中
たまに見に行っているSharpReaderの開発者Luke Huttemanのblogに、4月6日の提供開始一周年を記念してこの一年間のダウンロード数推移が公表されています。1年前の4月には5000回

Trackback from またいらないモノ買っちゃったよ at April 12, 2004 10:22 PM

Congrats on an excellent piece of software! And here's the obligatory feature request: please consider adding a web page change detection service to your aggregator. The idea would be to track any particular web page on an hourly/daily/weekly basis and indicate whether it changed or not... this would help enormously for sites that lack RSS feeds.

Posted by Akilesh Ayyar at April 15, 2004 2:46 AM

I've got a feature request: minimize to systray. If SR already does this, how do I do it?

Posted by Tom at April 16, 2004 1:53 PM

ٽ SharpReader
ƮϿ FeedDaemon ϴٰ, ᱹ ũž SharpReader ƿ Ҵ. FeedDaemon ̰ Ź Ʈ ϴ... T_T ̵ ̹ γ SharpReader ֹ̾ dzâ ...

Trackback from HOLLOBLOG (ֺε) at April 19, 2004 6:45 AM

SR minimizes to the systray if you just click on the 'X' in the top right corner, or hit F4. What I'd be interested in is a way to restore SR from the systray w/ some kind of keyboard shortcut. Is something like that possible?

Posted by Mike at April 20, 2004 1:18 PM

RSS Bandit to add Subscription Syncing

Trackback from Bryant Likes's Blog at April 21, 2004 2:16 PM

New user here.

What's with the pop up thing. Am I the only on who thinks
that sucks? Just wondering. Out of all the features I'd request, it would be to stop trying to be fancy with the snappy graphic latest headlines feature.

If you included a way to kill those popups with a machine gun it may be more useful. And why don't we throw in some sound effects, perhaps of your mother, saying, "oh, look at that", every time it happens to my nice space. At least then we'd know someone appreciated the effort.

Sometime the groovy features are more fun to code than they are to use.

Make this little app a lot less anoying and I'll gladly throw some cash your way

Posted by John Q at April 22, 2004 5:12 AM

<tongue location="cheek">

First user here.

What's with the complaints about so-called missing features that already exist thing? Am I the only one who thinks that sucks? Just wondering.

If you read the FAQ first it may be more useful. At least then I'd know someone appreciated the effort.

I guess sometimes complaining can be more fun than trying to figure things out for yourself.

Make these little threads a lot less annoying.


For what it's worth, I plan on making the default feed-properties a bit more accessible in an upcoming release by adding them to the options dialog.

Posted by Luke Hutteman at April 22, 2004 9:32 AM

Any chance of providing a method to sync multiple installations of SharpReader via a web service? (As babbled about here)

Posted by Luke at April 23, 2004 12:15 AM

Sorry for my previous post. I clearly should not post while extremely intoxicated. This is a gret app.

I'm heading over to the FAQ now.

Posted by John Q at April 23, 2004 1:10 AM

Where can i find help on SharpReader. ?
Currenty One Query I have ...
in Feed Properties... I don;t want any RSS feed to get deleted or purged.
I found Max Age Property but, what is the meaning on "None" ?

Kindly mail me the reply on my email as i don;t know how can i again get back to his page.


Posted by Jignesh at April 23, 2004 2:58 AM

SharpReader 0941

Trackback from Anatoly Lubarsky Blog at April 26, 2004 7:32 PM

I can't get SharpReader0941.exe to install. I get "Application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). I installed the latest .NET this week.

Posted by David Johnson at April 26, 2004 10:44 PM

I would gladly pay a fee if you add a popup blocker for such obnoxious sites as the Washington Post. They throw up ads every time you click within their site. Otherwise, I love your software.


Posted by JackStraw63 at April 30, 2004 9:49 AM

talking about RSS...

Trackback from Gidion Blog at May 2, 2004 12:10 PM

I don't know if there's a better place for feature requests, but here's an idea...

When I'm away from my desk for a bit, I don't see the alerts that popped up. So it would be nice if the system tray icon could change in some way to show me whether there are unread messages that generated alerts while I was gone.

Basically, I'd like to know at a glance whether it's worth bringing up SR from the systray for messages I missed. Would anyone else want to see something like that?

Posted by Mike at May 3, 2004 1:21 PM


I also don't know where to put feature requests.

I use SharpReader at home as well as at work. At work I have to authenticate through a proxy. Currently SharpReader does not store my proxy settings so I have to add them each morning. It would be great if they could be stored.

Thanks for all you've done,


Posted by Kevin at May 4, 2004 9:26 AM

One thing that I would like to see is the ability to subscribe to a file. When I'm developing my feed I have to upload it to my server to see how SharpReader likes it. If I could subscribe to file://C:/Work/msargent/rss.xml it would save me some time.

But SharpReader v0.9.4.1 throws an exception (Specified cast is not valid) and continues. Nice error handling anyways.


Posted by Mike Sargent at May 11, 2004 11:05 PM

Just downloaded sharpreader, 5 hours later it made my PC crash.
I use XP, not that it matters.
I still like it but it needs some improvements!

Posted by k at May 30, 2004 2:32 PM

K: how do you know it was SharpReader that caused your PC to crash? please send me an email with more details (like the log files from C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME\Application Data\SharpReader) and I'll see if I can figure out what may have happened and whether it has anything to do with SharpReader...

Posted by Luke Hutteman at May 30, 2004 5:04 PM

Congratulations!!! Love your product!

Posted by Thomas Martinsen at June 9, 2004 8:07 PM

DOH! What do I do????

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache/1.3.31 Server at Port 80

Posted by Drew C. at June 18, 2004 6:20 PM

damn - looks like my hosting provider dropped the ball again - I shouldn't be nowhere near my bandwidth limit yet. I filed a support request with them and hope they'll be able to get the site back up again soon.

Posted by Luke Hutteman at June 18, 2004 11:43 PM

A Couple of my Favorite Utilities
A shoutout for SharpReader and FinePrint.

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