Slate: How To Speed-Read the Net

Slate launched their RSS feed today, and with it, published an excellent introduction to RSS article by Paul Boutin.

What I like about the article (apart from the fact that it recommends SharpReader) is that it's clearly geared towards people who are more likely to read the New York Times or the Washington Post than diveintomark or scripting news. Instead of going into technical details about RSS, Paul explains how an RSS Aggregator can benefit people that currently just use a browser and an email application as their way of interacting with the web. Apart from this explanation, there's also a short "getting started" guide on how to install and use an aggregator, and even an opml file with favorite feeds to get people started.

Articles like this are what's needed to take RSS Aggregators out of the techie world it's currently in and move it more into the mainstream. Great job Paul!

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Interesting stuff I missed this week

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How To Speed-Read the Net
Slate magazine now has an RSS feed. Radleians can use Bloglines to access RSS feeds, as previously explained. The latest edition of Slate has a good article on ... RSS feeds — an excellent place to start if you're puzzled as to how, or even why, they...

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And - it's because of that slate article and you that I'm now "hip" to this whole xml - rss dealie.


Posted by Jen at March 13, 2004 2:06 AM
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