2004, here I come

I've never really believed in new years resolutions since I think that if you want to improve upon yourself in some way, any day is a good day to start. There are however some things I am looking forward to in the new year.

These are: (in no particular order)

  • .NET 2.0 - especially its support for generics and improvements in ASP.NET.
  • VS.NET Whidbey - refactoring and many other enhancements.
  • JDK 1.5: mainly looking forward to generics, enums and metadata. Hopefully these will be retroactively added to the Java libraries as well, keeping the old method signatures as deprecated ones.
  • Fiona Apple's new CD. No release date has been set yet, but it should be out sometime in 2004. It's been over four years since she released "When the pawn...", which to this day is still one of my favorite CDs ever. I have high hopes for her next album.
  • JetBrains' VS.NET plugin, which should make VS.NET much more IDEA'esque and allow me to "develop with pleasure!" in C# as well as in Java :-)
  • Half-Life 2. Judging by the screenshots, video clips, DX9 effects trailer and its predecessor, this looks like it will be THE got-to-have game of 2004...
  • Continue learning from the great minds in the blogsphere, and discover new ones as well.
  • Adding more functionality to SharpReader.
  • and last but not least, having recently accepted a Systems Architect Lead position at the company I was contracting: My new job, which will allow me to work with both Java and .NET from an architecture perspective - Kick @$$!

Wishing all of you a wonderful and fulfilling new year in which all your dreams will come true and your resolutions, should you have any, will be kept. Happy New Year!

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Same wishes for you too and thanks for all always interesting postings.

Posted by jose at January 1, 2004 3:09 AM

Sharpreader is too down the list ;) It should be your number one priority :)
It's the best RSS reader in the market.

Have a great 2004!

Posted by nesto at January 4, 2004 1:12 PM

I have to agree with nesto, more improvements in Sharp. I've just discovered RSS from a user perspective, I don't think i'll even be evaluating alternative products.

I'm not a huge fan of the web browser component though, but at least the option to view the page externally is included.

Keep the product ad-free and i'll stick with it.

Posted by spcsweb at January 4, 2004 3:27 PM

Nesto and spcsweb, I think when you start giving Luke money or something similar for his effort you should feel free to crab for more of it. Until then, just be happy you've gotten something as good as SR free.

Posted by BillSaysThis at January 4, 2004 3:45 PM

Notelets for 2004.02.05
I'm wondering whether a proposal to work on OpenOfficeOrg bibliographics couldn't be pulled together to claim the Python bounties being offered to fund work.

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