Post #100

When I started this weblog, I wasn't sure if I was going to get much beyond post #1. As I mentioned in that first post, I had tried to setup a weblog before but just could not get into the habit of posting regularly. One of the reasons I decided to give it another try was SharpReader, which was first mentioned in my second post, about three months before its initial release. Back in January, development of SharpReader was starting to get to a point where I could foresee actually releasing it (something I had not planned when I first started on it - it was initially just a learning project for personal use), so I figured if I'm gonna release a tool to read weblogs and news, I really should have a weblog myself.

Of course nobody read that post as my weblog was completely unknown back then. My first small influx of visitors came when ChrisAn linked to a post of mine where I responded to his MVC rant. Thanks Chris - you were the first one to link to my little corner of the blogsphere, and in doing so taught me a valuable lesson about the power of intra-blog links.

Then in April I released SharpReader and it seemed like the entire blogsphere was linking to me all of a sudden, with the notable exception of someone that normally links to just about everything else of interest. I can't help but wonder if the post I did a few days earlier had something to do with that...

And here we are at post #100. A hundred posts may be about a week's worth for some bloggers, but for someone like me to whom writing anything other than code does not come all that natural, it's a pretty big deal - I'm just glad to have made it this far...

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Happy 100 to Luke Hutteman
This week saw the 100th posting on Luke Hutteman's blog, perhaps an unremarkable event for most blogs, but remarkable for Luke due to the time he must spend developing the excellent RSS reader Sharpreader. The remarkable little program might not...

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Wait for 1000 messages! ;)

Posted by Andrew Zubritsky at November 24, 2003 6:11 AM

Happy 100, Luke, and cheers from norway. I only recently started looking at blogs as "tools" - beyond just "push publishing" and a few days ago started playing with rss readers. Of the three I'm experimenting with right now, I like yours the best. Very simple, clean, easy to use. And it works! Especially useful for both beginners, (and learners) and the occasional user, such as myself.


Posted by lars at November 26, 2003 1:47 AM

Congratulations Luke on your 100 th Post.

Hi from Australia.

I clicked thru from Blog Herald to you.

Interesting where blogging takes us.


Posted by Ben at November 26, 2003 11:03 PM
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