Conversation with a Bottom Feeder

Some of us deal with comment spam the easy way - we install MT-BlackList and the problem pretty much goes away by itself. Then there are those like Joseph Duemer who decide to contact and challenge their spammer. Not necessarily an approach that will be very effective, but it sure makes for an interesting read...

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For those of us with custom blogs, the easiest thing is to make it 'subscribers only'. I have a membership deal on my blog whereby readers can sign up and reserve a name for themselves, thus if I ever get spammed, I can just enable the 'subscribers only' switch and no annonymous comments can be made.

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Conversation with a spammer

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Conversation with a Blog Spammer
(via public virtual MemoryStream) Joseph Duemer decided to contact and challenge a Blog spammer in what sure makes for an interesting read: Conversation with a Bottom Feeder | Reading & Writing " And my opinion that you are a slime-sucking...

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