Friday, May 9, 2003

New Java language features I just read an interview with Joshua Bloch in which he explains the new features for JDK 1.5. Joshua Bloch is the creator of the Java Collections Framework and author of hands down the best Java book I've ever read: Effective Java. It's interesting how C# and Java seem to be playing leapfrog. C# started out with many of Java's... (514 words, 6 Comments)

I've been robbed! I knew this day would be coming... exactly one month after the release of SharpReader, Dare reports he borrowed (stole?;-) the threading idea from SharpReader and implemented it in RssBandit. Unfortunately seems to be down right now so I cannot see the screenshot yet; I'll have to try again tomorrow... I wonder how much longer it will take for... (126 words, 11 Comments)