ChrisAn writes:

I mostly agree with Steve Tibbett's comment on Luke's post "MVC is something you build on top of the framework, not something you build into it.."

The building blocks of the platform shouldn't require something as high policy as MVC - but a having an application framework like MFC provide a default implementation of MVC is a good thing.

I actually agree with that last statement. It would be a best of both worlds solution if Microsoft provided a default MVC implementation for their controls that can (but does not have to) be used.

This would allow current VC++, VB or Delphi programmers to continue working without MVC, while allowing Java or Smalltalk programmers to use MVC instead. And both groups could easily experiment with the other approach and potentially switch.

IMHO, quite a few developers would switch to MVC once they realize the benefits of that approach. I might be wrong though - there seem to be some strong feelings in the Microsoft world against MVC. Either way, it would definitely help convince more developers to switch to .NET, so if for that reason only, Microsoft should seriously consider adding it to their next release.